In between, Getting Ready, Already!

There is a complement after all efforts being involved in this noble actions in our home countries. After a weekend of networking with professionals living in Germany and being the main actors of their own project, there’re loads of expectations growing in every activity. A weekend seminar organized bei CIM as a preparation stage, would just increase the confidence in our purpose or maybe for questioning, readjust our objectives and to take into account possible challenges we probably face at the study place. At the same time I´m just having a look with an eye the reality Peru is facing.

At the end of Mai, 2019 was an earthquake in the amazon region of Peru. It shake literally not only houses standing and people in the surroundings but also the purpose of my work. Some challenges are not foreseen and we’re aware of it. And reminds me the wise words of the moderator “ Meanwhile you concentrate in your projects, the world moves around it“. Well, projects are not static, though! if we find something static then it is time to manage it. Please, not by delegation. You would never be sure is there is something going to move. Luckily the earthquake did not leave anything to regret, besides the fear of its mighty.

Just reacting to the situation in my country, I can figure out children expecting that the expertise would give them a little portion of hope to rich a future of wellbeing and being able to become a responsible person to cope with this ever changing world. For this I nearly feel not getting in touch too much with their topic and getting involve into the school in those three weeks activity. This short period of time also raised expectation on my cooperation partner. In any case, the month of July is focused to search our future vision of the primary school 64261 in Orellana, and the main stream of what the school is searching for to enhance education in young generation. And before I continue with the purpose I would like to take you through some facts of the region.


The school 64261 in Orellana has around 300 pupils. As a public school is being supported by the Ministry of Education and the alignments are also given, trough regional offices, by the central Peruvian Government. Children have to visit a pre school at the age of five and at the age of six begins primary school until class six. Orellana is a town belonging to the department of Loreto. And according to the last national Census the estimated population in Loreto is around 891, 732 in which 65,4% people are living in urban areas and 34,6% of the total population in rural areas. Young population until the age of 15 increased in the last decades, and represent 38,6% of the population in this department (INEI, 2007). This reflect the population structure of this region looking much more as a Christmas tree. Having a strong basis from young people and a small representation of elder population. And of course almost equally represented by men and women.


For more information about Peru I would really recommend to visit:

Out of these facts, we find out that there’s a strong base of a future young generation who will contribute in many ways to this sustainable world. So here is the question raised what is the stream of education in Peru?. Looking back, after the Independence of Peru in 1821, the education system in Peru focused on the interest of European countries since its implementation as feudal-system lasted until the decade of the ´60s. In the last decades the vision of education changed and mostly was followed by radical events, from revolts as the military coup in 1968, or the economic crisis on 1990, establishing a neo-liberal education reform. Nowadays, Peru implemented an education system according the lines of Education for Sustainable development (ESD) as part of the Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG) „Quality of Education“. There´re still challenges to tackle, specially regarding the principles of ESD and being apart of focusing education only for economics purposes and rather to find the balance between economics, ecological and social issues.

Besides the perspective of the guidelines and purposes of this plan, a challenge teachers face is to be able to develop or even to adapt their own methodology, or their own classroom activities into class teaching. Decisions was very much paternalistic through out history and this seems not to change in a certain period of time specially in mind of generations who already accepted traditional education system. This accompanied with a strong patriotic feeling, just to tell every Sunday pupils have to participate to the traditional flag-raising ceremony wearing uniforms just like a a normal school day. No wonder when youth, specially by ending school, would loose interest for choosing higher education instead quickly enter as labor force into the market. Though, Peru would profit having more prepared professionals at main interfaces of the market.

Im very much convinced that efforts to introduce a more humanized education without having to loose the objectives and purposes requires actions that also can bring into an awareness of our own actions.

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