A long way…

The sunset at the Ucayali river in Peru

After having to travel from Berlin to Lima via Madrid the journey did not finished there. The flight from Lima to Pucallpa was quiet after all. Just getting involve with people in my country reminds me again where do i come from.

The first thing to do was shopping to get the materials for the work with pupils at the school. And I release that many things needs to have into consideration again. To watch after my bags for pickpockets to have a safe environment when getting close to a ATM and to watch the working time schedules. At midday every office and shop is closed for two hours for the midday lunch and rest.

Sunset at the Ucayali River

On my way to Orellana, I got a small ship to travel trough the River and just to enjoy the beauty of nature and its surroundings.

Now in Contamana city another town in between before arriving to Orellana. I spent here two days. Teachers are having a Workshop to the new curricula and I was with very much eager to get the new insides of the topic.

To be continue…

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