I. E. 64261 in Orellana: a impulsing school at the Amazon

The school is situated at the shore of the Ucayali River in the Amazon region of Peru. It has barely around 400 pupils and around 20 teachers. This primary school follows the Peruvian education system teaching from grade first until sixth. Children are every day spectating from what the daily class is to be. The school share the day in work shifts. The first three grades assist to school in the morning form 7:30 until 12:30 and the fourth, fifth and sixth grade from 13:00 until 17:00. The school is two-handed school and if parents are collaborating with firewood and willing to participate cooking, there is breakfast and lunch every day, to make sure that education is not being affected by low nutrition. Every Monday and Friday morning the Peruvian flag is hoisted in the schoolyard, here is also a time where the memory to important people of the Peruvian history is honored. A really old tradition, that in this times brings contradictions specially when Peru is tackling corruption at the government.

Scholars playing football

Children go to school compulsorily. Teachers live in a way that they have to follow the governmental lines to teach at schools and to be updated with tests every year. These tests are supposed to assure the working place as a requisite for future contracts to work at any school. In any case, this kind of regulation for quality of education is facing its critics local and in the media. Then tests are strictly academic and little have to do with pedagogic matters. On the other hand teachers are very much updated with new regulations of education offices. But this indeed is facing its skepticism around teachers trying to work with the new curricula and being faced with an ever changing regulation of curricula.

At the primary school go children from class one until class six. The secondary school is next level where children get education until class 11. Further education get youngsters at the so called „institute“ or get a year for preparation for university.

Children get along with education system. Although the basics settings to assist school is not always being handled, there is a extrem will of children to learn and socialize their insights. These basics settings such as meals and an appropriated day home for schoolchildren in the afternoon are facing its difficulties or it is not even existing. In contrast children have much more time for participation for what it is happening in town. Just to mention Solstice celebration in which children and youngsters participate with traditional dancing and sport activities, the school anniversary invites them for plenty of activities in which children get to be engaged in town. Thus also discovering and developing their own abilities outside school.

So, in that way, education for children is almost carried not only from schools but the environment in which children grow up seems to be more informal and consequently requires the participation of the community at this region of the amazon.

From here I would like to thanks the school director Prof. Jacob Ramirez and the class teachers at the school for their collaboration and accessing to the school children for teaching and learning from each other.

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